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APNISI was founded in 2016, it is the first IoT/M2M telemetry network operator in Georgia. We focus mainly on governmental entities, NGOs, commercial companies and any other kind of organizations, where automation of functions are possible.

APNISI is not a product, but a problem-solving oriented solution company. Solutions, proposed by APNISI are based on user specific requirements and objectives. Our services are tailored to a specific use cases and include:
  • Planning, design and implementation
  • Monitoring and support service

Our goals and objectives are to assist various businesses in growing efficiently and integrating into the competitive economies, by providing end to end IoT solutions based on reliable network technologies.

About Us

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LPWAN Technology

LPWan network architecture

The type of RF technology used for IoT/M2M networks, depends on the application characteristics and requirements of the services. Due to the nature of IoT services, with a low power consumption and lifetime longevity on autonomous power sources (5-10 years on battery), LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) approach appears to be the most suitable type of wireless communication. APNISI network is based on LoRaWAN™ standard - the most prolific and reliable LPWAN technology. We operate our network on a SRD 868MHz spectrum, which enables us to deliver a high quality, resilient and reliable services due to the strong technical characteristics of this frequency band.

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  • City
  • Environment
  • Agronomy
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